by Dan Robey and Bill Taggart

The ideas explored in this book unfold in a dialogue between two people: George, who has learned from the Tao, and Michael, who is intrigued but skeptical about these strange, paradoxical truths.

Their conversations take place in the mentor disciple relationship which characterizes the teachings of both Eastern and Western traditions that search for the deeper meanings in experience.

This book is also available to download as a PDF file The Tao of Managing (138K).

Table of Contents

Part I Prologue
An introduction to the book.
Part II The Conversations
Sixteen Episodes with Michael and George.
  1. The Sage Stays Behind
  2. The Way and It's Power
  3. He Sees Without Looking
  4. High Winds and Heavy Rains
  5. Force is Followed by loss of Strength
  6. The Great Pretense Begins
  7. Water
  8. Simplicity is Complicated
  9. Bearing Yet Not Possessing
  10. Blunt the Sharpness, Untangle the Knot
  11. Embracing the One
  12. The Valley Spirit Never Dies
  13. Having Deep Roots and a Firm Foundation
  14. The Fruit, Not the Flower
  15. Self or Wealth
  16. Move with the Present
Part III Epilogue
A historical perspective on the Tao Te Ching.
Part IV Sources
A list of the primary references for the text.

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Copyright © 1984, 2000 by Dan Robey and Bill Taggart